Amazing beauty spot kuakata is a panoramic sea beach on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. It offers a full view of the sunrise and sunset from the same white sandy beach in the water of the Bay of Bengal. Kuakata offers a calm respite from Dhaka’s suffocating intensity. It is 70 Kilometers from the district Patuakhali headquarters. At Kuakata excellent combination of the picturesque natural beauty, sandy beach, blue sky, huge expanse of water of the Bay and evergreen forest in really eye-catching. It is truly a virgin beach-a sanctuary for migratory winter birds, a series of coconut trees, sandy beach of blue Bay, a feast for the eye. Forest, boats plying in the Bay of Bengal with colorful sails, fishing, towering cliffs, surfing waves everything here touches every visitor’s heart. The unique customs and costumes of the ‘Rakhyne’ tribal families and Buddhist Temple of about hundred years old indicate the ancient tradition and cultural heritage, which are objects of great pleasure Kuakata is the place of pilgrimage of the Hindus and Buddhist communities.

This second largest tourist place is locally known as Shagor Kannya (Daughter of the Sea), the long strip of dark, marbled sand stretches for about 30 km long and 6 km wide.. The long and wide beach at Kuakata has a typical natural setting. This sandy beach has gentle slopes into the Bay of Bengal. Kuakata is also a sanctuary for migratory winter birds.

The name Kuakata originated from the word ‘Kua’-the Bengali word for “Well” which was dug on the sea shore by the early Rakhine settlers in quest of collecting drinking water, who landed on Kuakata coast in the eighteenth century after being expelled from Arakan (Myanmar) by the Mughals. Afterwards, it has become a tradition of digging Well in the neighborhoods of Rakhaine tribes for water.



SUNRISE AND SUNSET:                                                                                                  Kuakata is one of the rarest places which has the

unique beauty of offering the full view

of the rising and setting of crimson sun

in the water of the Bay of Bengal in a

calm environment. That perhaps makes

Kuakata one of the world’s unique beaches.

The excellent sandy beach of Kuakata fascinates

thousands of tourists to watch both Sunset and Sunrise on Sea.



FATAR CHOR AND FOREST: Fatra’s chor is the nice tourist place near Kuakata beach. It is the part of the Sundarban forest, so it is mangrove forest.It is also known as Fatrar Bon. There are many Timber trees available here. The tree of this forest in very hard and strong. And the wood of this trees are very long lasting and also costly There are many wild birds, some monkey, some rabbit, deer and some other animal found at that jungle.

GANGAMOTI FOREST: Gangamati Reserved Forest is an evergreen mangrove forest in the Kuakata Patuakhali Bangladesh. It is located on the eastern end of the beach of Kuakata. The most attractive place at Gongamoti is the Gongamotir Lake. The Gangamati Reserved Forest provides an opportunity to view a small mangrove forest. There are many types of trees and plants in this forest like keora, gewa, baen, kankra, goran, hetal, golpata and numbers of wild animals like wild boar, deer, monkey and different types of birds found in this forest. Evening is the perfect time to view the sun caste shadows on the abstract exposed mangrove roots.Gongamoti bon is slightly away from Kuakata sea beach so traveler can visit here easily.

JHAU BON : Beautiful place Jhau bon  is close to the sea beach. Tourist or traveler can visit there by walking. Jhau bon is surrounded by many Jhau trees and coconut trees. This place is better to see the sun rise scenery at Kuakata. There is a nice echo park at Jhaubon area of Kuakata.  While visiting this area traveler will view the nice structure of forests, big jhau trees, sands etc. Jhau bon is very famous and a well-acquainted place for visitors.



SEEMA MANDIR : There are some Buddhist temples located at Keranipara, Misripara and Amkholapara in Kuakata. All these temples indicate the ancient tradition and cultural heritage of Rakhain people.Many people visit Kuakata to find the interest in those places. Keranipara is nearest Rakhine village from the Kuakata beach. Travelers may visit the 100 years old Buddhist temple at keranipara named as Seema Mandir. Seema Mandir is made by eight different metals. Traveler should to put off their shoes before entire the temple. Many devotees arrive here during the festivals of Rash Purnima and Maghi Purnima. On these two occasions devotees take holy bath at the bay and join in the traditional fairs. Tourists also enjoy the traditional fairs at Keranipara.





BUDDHIST TEMPLE : Kuakata Buddhist temple is situated only four kilometer away from Kuakata bea ch.it  is the biggest Buddhist Statue in South Asia. Kuakata is the place of pilgrimage for both Hindu and Buddhist communities. Innumerable devotees arrive here at the festival of ‘Rush Purnima’ and ‘Maghi Purnima’. On these two occasions the pilgrims take holy bath at the bay and participate in the traditional fairs.One may also visit the 100 years old Buddhist Temple where the statue of Goutama Buddha and two wells of 200 years old are located.. Traveler may visit the Rakhain locality and they can observe the life style of tribal Rakhain people. Rakhain peoples are very friendly to the tourist and visitors.



ECHO PARK : The Eco Park is situated on the areas of Gangamati, Latachaplee, Khajura,   Fatrar chor and Tengragiri in Kuakata sea beach. The Eco Park is surrounded by mangrove and non-mangrove forest. The area of the Eco Park is about 13,984 hectors.  About 42000 plants are found in this park. There are two watch towers, five picnic sheds, a wooden bridge, culverts, internal walkways for the travelers. There is a nice looking Lake inside the park area and two coasts of this lake are connected with a bridge. Visitor can take a ride on a paddle boat at this lake.So, The Eco Park is the important tourist spots for the Kuakata sea beach visitors.


SHUTKI POLLI : Fisherman village is another place where you can visit and watch the lifestyle of the fisherman. If you are adventurous you may also go for fishing on the fishing boat if you can manage the local fishermen. That will give you pleasure and experience, which you won’t be able to gather from anywhere else. In the fishermen village you will find the fishermen coming back from the sea and you can purchase some fresh hilsha fish from them, and by the side of village there are some local restaurants where you can get the Hilshas cooked and ready for eating. From shutki polli, shutki fish/dry fish is supplied in many places of Bangladesh and also export in many countries.

LEBUR CHOR: Lebur chor will be another attractive place for the Kuakata travelers. It is full of natural beauty and this place is totally outstanding.Lebur chor is located at five kilometer east of Kuakata beach. Lebur (Lemon) chor is locally also known as Lembur chor or ‘Nembur chor’. Surrounded area of this chor is about 1000 acres. There are many types of trees and plants in this chor like Keura, Geowa, Goran, Koroi, Golpata etc.

NARIKEL BAGAN: Narikel Bagan (Coconut Garden) is the nice place to visit for Kuakata travelers. It is situated at the eastern side of the sea beach. It is not very far distance from Kuakata beach. these coconut garden is more than 40 years old. There are lots of coconut trees in that area. Narikel bagan was formed with large area in the side of the sea beach.


## GETTING & staying THERE##


By Launch The best option to travel from Dhaka is the overnight launch departing daily in the evening from Sadarghat to Patuakhali. From the Patuakhali boat terminal, catch a ten-minute rickshaw ride to the bus stand and board a local rickety bus to Kuakata (about 3 hours).

By Bus A direct BRTC bus service is also available from Dhaka to Kuakata that leaves from Sayedabad Bus terminal at night takes 12 hours to reach Kuakata. These buses are clean and comfortable. Direct bus route from Dhaka to Kuakata “Sakura”. It leaves every night at 10:30 from the Gabtoli Bus terminal near Technical Mor.

Tourist information Bangladesh’s this alternative destination has an entire website devoted to it(www.kuakata.info or  www.kuakatatours.com ).Check it out for the latest news and a few  recommendations/photos.

Guest House There are several guest house available on there.For Mid-range Anondo bari guest house, The golden palace, Hotel banana palace, Hotel neelanjana, Hotel sky palace, Kuakata guest house and Parjatan holiday homes etc. are noticeable.On the other hand for budgeted entry Cottage sweet home, Hotel al-hera, Hotel graver inn international, Hotel roney, Hotel sagar, Hotel sekander, Riza hotel and The white house are common.

Khabar ghor Potch is the best restaurant The main street in front of the parjatan has a number of local restaurants also.

Shopping Kuakata’s Rakhine minority seems to be the most industrious when it comes to creating products for tourists.The clothing and textiles seem especially made.


Overall  Kuakata is a safe place. The local people are so co-operative and hospitable. Whatever be day and night, populated and deserted – all the places you should be safe. The government and local business owners have made significant developments over the years to attract tourist to its shores. Nowadays, local people are more supportive to the tourists and communications have improved significantly. A new Police station was built in 2007. Accordingly, the law and order situation in the open beach, even at night, has improved significantly. Day by day Kuakata is becoming favourite for tourists. So, with your family or friends you can visit Sagar kannya Kuakata. The loudest roar of the ocean waves, fights you with unadulterated beauty of nature is calling.

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