What are the Requirements of Muster list as per SOLAS?

Whenever, whereever, however we onboard, before we proceeding to the cabin usually we look on the Muster List. Try to capture desiganted duties for me and for the others. Muster List is very essential part of a ship. It concerns with safety of the ship while Emergencies and it is frequently updated by shipboard 3rd officer under supervision of Chief ofiicer.

According to SOLAS Chapter III, Reg. 8 and 37
The regulation applies to all ships.

Below are some regulated procedures regarding Muster List :

* Clear instructions to be followed in the event of an emergency shall be provided for every person on board in the language or languages required by the ship’s flag State and in the English language.

* Muster lists and emergency instructions shall be exhibited in conspicuous places throughout the ship including the navigation bridge, engine-room and crew accommodation spaces.

* The muster list shall specify details of the general emergency alarm and public address system and action to be taken by crew and passengers when this alarm is sounded. The muster list shall also specify how the order to abandon ship will be given.

* The muster list shall specify which officers are assigned to ensure that life-saving and fire appliances are maintained in good condition and are ready for immediate use.

* The muster list shall specify substitutes for key persons who may become disabled.

* The muster list shall be prepared before the ship proceeds to sea.

** The muster list shall show the duties assigned to the different members of the crew including:
1. Closing of the watertight doors, fire doors, valves, scuppers, side scuttles, skylights, portholes and other similar openings in the ship;
2. Equipping of the survival craft and other life-saving appliances;
3. Preparation and launching of survival craft, general preparations of other life-saving appliances;
4. Muster of passengers;
5. Use of communication equipment;
manning of fire parties assigned to deal with fires, and special duties assigned in respect to the use of fire-fighting equipment and installations.
6. Illustrations and instructions in appropriate languages shall be posted in cabins and be conspicuously displayed at muster stations and other spaces to inform crew of: their muster station;
7. The essential actions they must take in an emergency and
8. The method of donning lifejackets.

If you have any more points regarding Muster Station, please comments below, I will try to ammend and update this post so that other can be benefitted from here.

Have safe voyage. 

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  1. Good Morning,
    I´m Radio Officer on a FPSO and I’d like to clear a doubt, which assignments must the person who develops the muster list needs to have, e.g (Specific course, mandatory and etc), anyone can elaborate the same? Or specific positions such as Safety techs or Navy Crew?

    • High,
      Thanks for your interest on MARINE LEGENDS.

      On commercial vessel Muster List to be amended/ updated by the onboard Safety officer and later should be approved by Master. For ease, Third Officer might updated under supervision of the Chief Officer (as 3/O is assistant to Ch Off).

  2. can someone claify the difference between a Muster List and Master list, are they are the same thing? My instructor put it in his powerpoint slide ae a master list so that makes me confused.

    • Hi,
      Good Day.
      Basically, name are showing the diference
      Muster List:
      Meaning of Muster is – Assemble, Being Together, formal gathering of troops etc for the purpose of fight against various emergency.
      On the commercial fleet – to fight against fire, abandonship, oil spill etc there is some designated duties for the crew members. Which mentions in the Muster.

      Same goes to the Naval vessel, even they are Mustering for the battle too.

      Now, Master list :
      Used on the business terms. Mainly as name suggests it is the collection all information, in a single sheet etc.

      Hope these will helpful for you.

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