Chief Officer Interview Questions (Oil/ Chemical Tanker)

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Nowadays, most companies recruit through CES / Some other online test processes. For CES test you may use CES 5.3.3 Answers (Mobile Apk). You may click here to

Usually, Management initially asks the candidate to complete an Online test, then they will ask to go for some Psychological tests. You might be benefitted from above mention APK to pass these with good scores.

Anyways, below are some questions that may help you to pass the Skype Interview :

1. Elaborate in details of loading, discharging and tank cleaning (any of your previous cargo).

2. SM loading, discharging and tank cleaning in detail. Why are Cofferdams Purging So Important After Loading SM? In Case if you cannot stop the Polymerization of SM what do you have to do? What is the reason for cargo Off Spec?

3. HLA not working before load port, in details of 5 hazards and control measures. RA in detail.

4. MARPOL Discharge Criteria (Annex I, II, V); better to have knowledge of all ANNEX. Garbage Disch Regulation & How to Implement? ECA/Garbage Extended Area in Chinese Territory.

5. COLREG Situations, e.g. Rule 14, Rule 15, Rule 19, Rule 27 and safe speed. (Interviewer wants thorough understanding)

6. Tank cleaning procedures from Annex 1 cargo to Methanol, Environment preparation e.g. IG, O2 concentration etc., how to fill ORB to CRB (transfer). How to Ensure Annex 1 Cleaning Is Done?

7. What is Persistent Floaters, Pre-wash, P&A Manual

8. Thorough knowledge of MEG4, MSMP, LMP. As per MEG4, how will you secure the ropes to the bollard? What’s the requirement of the Brake test of mooring winch? What is the Snapback zone? Which areas are snapback zone as per MEG?

9. Safety Officer duties (in detail)

10. What Item Available in CDI? Thorough knowledge of CDI, SIRE separately.

11. How u will control steam pressure by inlet or outlet valve (and why)

12. What Was The PV Valve Setting of Your Last Ship? What Is the Pressure Setting If Vapor Return Line Is Connected?

13. As Per SIRE What Is the Requirements of PV Valve Setting?

14. You Have Got One Cargo Which You Are Not Familiar with The Name, What You Will Do?

15. For Crew Safety What Item to Check?

16. What Type of Gas Detector You Have Used? What Span Gas To Use?

17. How to Check Gastec?

18. Suppose You Have 12 Cargo Tanks; You Have Checked Toxicity with One Tube. The Tube Not Showing Any Toxicity in PPM. Can You Use It Other Tank?

19. As per MLC how you will Handle your Crew? are you like to be very rough or as usual?

20. Crew Is Not Following your Order. What does Action You Will take?

21. GPS Fail What Will Happen to ECDIS? How to Check Position?

22. How to Do Heating Coil Pressure Test?

23. For Toxic Cargo Like PHENOL What Precaution to Take? 

24. How to Discharge Slop? What Is the Discharging Regulation?

25. Do U Have N2 Plant Experience? What does Will happen If Too Much Exposure to Nitrogen?

26. Which Nationality Crew Did You Sail with?

27. What Is Passivation? How to Do Passivation? Tell in Detail. What Precaution to Take?

28. How to Do Hot Work in Cargo Tank?

29. How to Maintain ISPS Onboard Ship.

30. Tell What Item Available in IBC Code Chapter 17 Each Column?

31. What Is Safety Depth, Safety Contour Line? How to Set Safety Depth?

32. How You Will Exempt from Prewashing After Discharging Solidifying Cargo?

33. What Is Inerting, Padding, Drying?

34. Open Sampling- Risk Assessment

35. What Is New Regulation Came into Force in IBC? changes with P & A Manual in detail.

36. What Is Working Aloft.

37.  What is Viscosity/Solidification?

38.  Steaming of Cargo Tank Hazardous.

39. Are you familiar with latest SSSCKL as per ISGOTT? Where will you find the recommendation for filling up SSSCKL?

40. To load IPA, what should be the tank environment & where to find the information?

Hope and believe you will be benefited from this Enriched collection of Questions.

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