ALAM/ MARDEP(MY) DC-1 Master Oral Exams Guidelines with (Prepared Notes)

Hi Legends,

You are reading this article means you are willing to appear Class-1 Oral exams in Malaysia either Online / Physically.

To book for Oral you don’t need to seek any help from anyone. Now it can be achieved by some click Online. Log on to and select the “Examination Schedule” column. For online appearance, select “01 – Ibu Pejabat Laut Malaysia” as place and book on your convenient date. Payment can be made online via FPX site.

After booking, track for your application approval through the same website link. Once approved contact with MARDEP Staff over phone/ Email for skype meeting links and further process. Don’t forget to send SOP files online driver link (it can be google drive, dropbox or onedrive etc).

My collection’s of various Notes can be downloaded from here :

For online appearance please make sure you are following all the instructions (Guideline will be provided by MARDEP Staff).

Anyways, below are my 20 minutes interactions with Examiner, which may help you to gain confidence during Exams:

  • Introduce yourself, Last Company, cargo, trades, total experience as CO etc.  Which is most critical part for chief officer rank on tanker?

 Most critical portion: On my point of view – multigrade Cargo Handling & crew’s rest hour record compliance.

  • Master’s responsibility as per ism code.

I have started from the beginning of ISM e.g. first adoption, EIF, then both parts of ISM (Part A- Implementation & Part B – Documentation). Later on, mentioned Master’s responsibility on Chapter 5, Included Master’s overriding authority as per ISM 5.2 / SOLAS Ch V/Reg 33).

  • As a Master what do you will check on BL before sign?

Initially, I have started with “what is BL”, who will issue to whom, the purpose of BL, then dig into various types of BL, Master’s responsibility for each type of BL e.g. Negotiable, Non-negotiable BL, clean BL. Finally mentioned basic checklist on BL e.g. cargo, next port, consignee, any clause introduced or not, etc.

  • Anchoring preparation – things to consider, how many shackle to drop?

Initially, I have started with the importance of anchoring onboard. Then details anchoring preparation procedures are elaborated. Later on, came to various guidelines in regards to chain length e.g. OCIMF. Meanwhile discussed, IACS minimum requirement on winch power (3 shackles & anchor’s own weight), to consider before deep water anchoring.

  • Why IMO made GM 0.15m/ GZ 0.2m for seaworthy of a ship? Why 

 I have initially started with ILLC, then mentioned vessel must have minimum righting lever to return back the ship after being affected by natural phenomena e.g. sea/air. Also, while inclined vessel’s COG may SHIFT/ rise, ILL made this minimum GM requirement so that while inclined / list vessel will not suffer negative GM.

6) Evergreen accident reason? How it may affect tanker vessels with less windage area?

               Bank cushion (details). I have mentioned some precautions on the RUDDER/ SPEED.

7) Recent convention ratified by Malaysia?

               – 2019, FAL Convention in detail.

8) What changes you will take into effect as Master? 

               Proper implementation of ISM to make sure zero incident in the shipping industry. And I had a few minutes of personal discussion in regards to electronic ISM implementation (As currently, I am doing M.Sc. on this subject).

Final comment:

If you can penetrate very deep on the subjected matter he is asking, he will finish up with your interview very shortly. For me even after about 15 minutes, he expressed my success. And I strongly believe, Examiner is willing to pass.

Best wishes for your Examination.

Thanks for your interest on Marine Legends.

You may comment if you have any queries.

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